The world of shopping is changing at an exponential rate. Last week we explored the new trends in the grocery industry, spurred on by technology. In an ever-changing world, checking out seems to become more efficient with time. And stores are taking advantage of it. New, innovative ways to make checkout smother, secure and more convenient for customers have become a focus for grocery stores and these two technologies are rapidly taking over our stores. This article explores two increasingly popular checkout methods: mobile payments and self-checkout kiosks. This article will touch up on the benefits and disadvantages of each technology and will help you evaluate if it’s right for your company. So, keep on reading to get acquainted with the latest technologies.

Mobile Payments

The way customers pay for goods and services has been revolutionized by the advances in mobile phone innovations. Smartphones allow customers to have digital wallets, which they can use to pay for their shopping via contactless methods. Such convenience has become so popular due to several advantages.

Mobile payments can be advantageous for a customer as they do not have the need to carry cash or credit cards, which can be stolen. Biometrics passwords usually act as a barrier for potential thieves, as they wouldn’t be able to access financial information if their phone was to be stolen. Besides, the speed of transactions is so much faster. Everything can be done with a single hover. For store owners, the speed reduces checkout time, helping you clear the line quickly. Another great advantage is hygiene. Cash can be germ-ridden, and a contactless system doesn’t require anyone to touch anything.

Self-checkout kiosks

The advantages for customers and grocery retailers when using self-checkout kiosks are numerous. This provides the customer with further independence as they can scan and bag their own items without the long lines. This can help grocery stores reduce labour costs as they would require fewer people working the cashier. It can also free up cashiers from menial items and focus on big purchases. Furthermore, during quiet times, it can allow cashiers to work in other areas of the stores while customers check out.

Small grocery stores would benefit from implementing mobile payments. This is less expensive than self-checkout kiosks and more convenient for store owners who are the only ones on the premises. However, as the store grows and more customers come in, investing in a self-checkout kiosk may be the way to go. Overall, staying updated on the latest payment solutions will be absolutely crucial for the success and growth of your company.


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