Created out of a love for natural, delicious flavours, TwoHues is an up-and-coming brand that make hard-boiled sweets. Their range of products is growing quickly, and they boast a wide variety of flavours including Sweet Ginger, Eucalyptus, and Soursop. Each product is made using only the highest-quality ingredients, and they are proud to say they work towards not only being great for you, but also great for the planet! All of their confectionary is vegan, gluten-free and palm-oil free, with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Here at World Foods Wholesale, we are incredibly excited to introduce this fantastic new brand with you! A self-proclaimed “contemporary brand with traditional tastes”, TwoHues will be a fantastic addition to any store. They are already proving popular, so add some to your next order now!


Product Information


Cough Candy


The perfect blend of delicious and healthy, TwoHues Cough Candy is the perfect remedy for a sore throat! With a soothing menthol flavour made from only natural ingredients, these wellness sweets are incredibly popular!


Menthol & Eucalyptus


TwoHues Menthol and Eucalyptus sweets are a contemporary take on a classic flavour. Refreshing and soothing, these sweets are guaranteed to clear your sinuses and leave you feeling revitalised! Health sweets have never tasted so good!


Extra Strong Ginger


A fiery treat, TwoHues Extra Strong Ginger sweets are a ginger-lover’s delight! Not only are these sweets full of delicious, natural flavours, they are also highly recommended for reducing nausea! Suitable for Vegans and Coeliacs, these are a fantastic addition to any store.


Ginger Mints


A perfect balance of both warm and cool tastes, TwoHues Ginger Mints are a delicious treat! All natural and full of flavour, these sweets come with a hearty kick! Not to mention, they’re all individually wrapped for freshness.


Honey & Lemon


TwoHues Honey and Lemon sweets are a timeless classic. Packed full of natural flavours and healthy ingredients, these are a store essential. Delicious and healthy, these wellness sweets are guaranteed to fly off your shelves and into the bags of shoppers everywhere!




A modern take on a traditional hard-boiled sweet, TwoHues Soursop sweets are full of flavours that pack a punch! Natural, delicious, and gluten-free too – what more could you want?! Stock these and we guarantee they will be a firm favourite everywhere.  

Sweet Ginger


TwoHues Sweet Ginger sweets are a tasty, modern take on a traditional flavour. These sweets are the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, making them a fantastic treat for the whole family! Made with natural ingredients and no preservatives. Get yours now!


Throat & Chest Lozenges


TwoHues knows how to balance taste and wellness, and that is clear with these delicious Throat and Chest Lozenges. These are the most health-based sweets in their range, but that doesn’t mean they have scrimped on taste! These yummy sweets are guaranteed to make even the worst cold feel better!


To stock up your shelves with TwoHues, head to our brand page here. Alternatively, if you want to find out more about TwoHues, you can visit their website here.

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