Spring is an exciting time for the nation. The temperatures increase, and people start to loosen up after a gloomy winter season. It is also a great opportunity to grow your revenue, and increase your customer base! This post will cover the major events that will take place this season. April is full of days to exploit! Use this to promote and sell your products.

Why Do You Need to Use Holidays?

As explained in this article, The fear of missing out (FOMO) is used in holiday marketing to drive hasty decisions. Consider the last time you went shopping with your family on Christmas Day. Or when your favourite fizzy drink company debuted a limited-edition Halloween flavour. Christmas specials are an excellent approach to entice shoppers to buy your product.

Please keep in mind that your customers are always exposed to FOMO marketing. Your recurrent customers and future customers must be satisfied with the deals and items you provide.

Here’s a calendar of important holidays that can attract customers.

March 17, Friday

Saint Patrick's Day

March 19, Sunday

Mother's Day

April 7, Friday

Good Friday

April 9, Sunday

Easter Sunday

April 10, Monday

Easter Monday

April 23, Sunday

Saint George's Day

May 1, Monday

May Day Bank Holiday

May 29, Monday

Spring Bank Holiday

There are numerous reasons to sell your items with customer incentives. When faced with the prospect of missing out on a product or a deal, most consumers feel motivated to buy it. Combine scarcity and these holidays to increase sales and expand your company/brand.

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