Are you ready to make waves this summer? Longer days, warm weather and excitement across the board seem like a great combination to make more money. Many people are ready to spend the whole day out with their renewed sense of adventure, and this is an opportunity to provide the globetrotters with the fruits of their desire.  This article will provide you with actionable tips and strategies to unlock your company’s potential during this summery period. We will dive into topics such as promotions and marketing campaigns. Additionally, we will learn how to create a lasting experience on the wave of new customers flocking during the warm season. So, sit back and get ready to wield the power of summer sensations for your business.

Embrace Seasonal Products and Trends

Summer is a certified profit-maker. The seasonal craze for snacks, candy and drinks is as predictable as rain in Glasgow. With the warm weather, the demand for a cold, thirst-quenching, flavourful fizzy drink rises to a yearly high. VIDA sparkling drinks, with their fizzy and healthy nature, make an excellent addition to your product line-up. With flavours like citrus, Sakura and kiwi, they provide customers with the opportunity to choose their favourite summertime taste.


Create Enticing Summer Promotions

The summery vibes deserve a summery combo. And there isn’t a better combination than a pack of Lays Stax and a can of Coke. Using strategic pricing, discounts, product placement, and many more strategies, you can increase your sales exponentially. Let’s dive into some strategies

Product placement

By placing products that combine well next to each other, you can entice customers to purchase them. Having your chips next to the drink fridge can be optimal. Customers will subconsciously do the math and will try to achieve maximum satisfaction from their trip to your store. Applying this knowledge can lead to a decent profit as you can increase revenue by 50%.


Everyone loves a bargain. So why not give your customers what they want? Try different combinations and offer a slight discount. Using tricks like 3-for-2 or combining Grace Cassava Chips with Pineapple Sof Drink in a discounted bundle can entice your customers to spend more cash.


Enhance the Customer Experience

It’s no shocker that customer service is crucial to success. And in summer, the huge influx of new customers provides a great opportunity. It’s all well and good to provide the freshest drinks in the market, but you may want to look at the bigger picture. Make sure you’re elevating your customer experience this summer. This can ensure a steady amount of foot traffic long after the summer months.


Summer is back and it comes with gifts. Embrace the season and provide your customers with what they want. Use this time to stock up on Dr Pepper and Vida Drinks. The high demand will have your customers asking for more. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to explode in sales and revenue with these tips. Create a strategy and annihilate the competition.


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