It’s a new year and at World Foods Wholesale, we have gotten a wave of new products. These include an assortment of Nigerian products that your customers will love.

Why should I sell Nigerian Products?

If you have a store in the UK, selling Nigerian (or West African) products is a way to increase your revenue significantly. There are over 300 thousand Nigerians and Ghanaian nationals living in the UK, along with a significant amount of people from Senegal, Congo, Ivory Coast, and other west and central African countries. With Nigerian snacks such as Fried Plantain Chips being so popular, it is no wonder that their other products are also loved among the African diasporas. Here are 5 sure-fire Nigerian products to boost your sales this year.

Nigerian Malta Guinness Drink 330ml (Box Of 24)


Maggi Nigerian Cubes 400g (Box Of 20)


Nestle Golden Morn Eat Up and Carry Go 450g (Box Of 12)


Indomie Nigerian Chicken Noodles 70g (Box Of 40)


Lady B Custard Powder 2kg (Box Of 4)



Make sure to check out the selection of African products we supply and stock up your store with our finest foods.


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