During the 2020 lockdown, there was an increase in people starting small businesses. A popular idea for home cooks was to start selling food online. If this is you and you are struggling to start your small business, in this article we are going to cover how to sell food online.



Make sure you research the legal requirements to start a food company in your region and/or country. In the UK, you will have to register with your local council 28 days before opening. There are more legal requirements, which you can find in this article.


Market Research


Identify a niche

The first thing that you need to do when starting a business is know what you're going to sell. Starting with too many options in different areas can overwhelm your target customer. A good way to identify what you're going to sell is by finding out what you are good at. For example, if you grew up making Caribbean dishes, you could start by selling spring rolls. A solid market niche makes it more likely that a specific group of clients will desire to buy a specific product from you rather than the competition.



Now that you have an idea, it is important to understand your market. Are there enough people selling the same product? What is the demand for this product? Can ignite interest in customers who have not heard about this product?

Another thing to consider is the delivery process. Does your product need refrigeration? Do you need a delivery service, or can you do it on your own? Can you deliver nationwide or only locally?


Sourcing Ingredients


Finding the right supplier

The quality of your food, as well as your reputation, depends heavily on the ability of your supplier to follow their commitments and keep your stores supplied. You must seek out quality suppliers that produce/ distribute products that align with your goals. Furthermore, their reliability is a key factor, as you may not have a product to sell if your suppliers are late or absent with their deliveries.


Will I need multiple suppliers?

Analyse the product that you are going to provide. Does it need fresh fruit and vegetables? Can you use canned foods? Do you need a special type of flour? These are questions that you may need to make. At World Foods Wholesale you may find different types of flour, rice, and seasonings, so they may be one of your suppliers. But you may ask the local farm to supply you with fresh vegetables.


Online Presence


Online Store

Now that you have a clean kitchen, a clear plan, and some ingredients, your potential clients need somewhere to find you. You are going to need a website and a social media presence. You can build your own using a builder such as Wix or Shopify, or you can hire a freelancer to help you create it. A good way to improve your brand is by documenting your daily processes because it builds rapport and loyalty among your customers.



You may have family members, friends, and Instagram followers that are ready to buy your products because they have a personal connection with you.  But if you desire to take it to the next level, you're going to have to market. Either by encouraging WOM, approaching influencers, or using social media marketing, you are going to have to invest time, and even money in order to bring more customers.


Now that you have the knowledge to start your online food company, what are you waiting for? Go out and become the best online restaurant in the country.

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