To provide a great experience for your customer you need great products. The success of your company is dependent on the manufacturers and suppliers of your products. From safety and hygiene practices to ethical values and employment, a supplier’s integrity and quality can heavily affect your company’s performance. Aside, the quality and reliability of your supplier can determine the availability of your products at the desired times. In your supply chain, weaknesses can cost you a lot of money and even have catastrophic effects. When times become tough, your best asset will be having trusted suppliers and partners by your side. Communicating honestly and openly is a daily endeavour for the development of any relationship. When you communicate honestly and openly daily with your suppliers, they will appreciate your efforts and feel trust in you, thus making the situation favourable for all parties.


What to look for in a supplier

Reliability is key. You need a supplier who can be predictable and can deliver the expected quality consistently. By letting your supplier down with late deliveries and faulty supplies, you may disappoint your customer. In order to evaluate your potential suppliers, you can find a few key characteristics.


1. Good communication

Your suppliers must deliver on time or notify you if they cannot deliver on time. To serve you better in the future, the best suppliers will seek to talk with you regularly to discover your current needs and how they can serve you better in the future.

2. Value

Suppliers often offer different prices, as they too factor in overhead costs and supply/manufacturing costs. You don't always get the best deal by paying the lowest price, so you must consider how much you're willing to spend and how cost, reliability, quality, and service will be balanced.

3. Speed

It is more important than ever during these unimaginable times. You can get a quick response to customers' changing needs and sudden emergencies by having flexible suppliers.

4. Ethics

We are now seeing a rise in socially conscious consumerism and many people like to buy products that follow certain ethical requirements. Depending on your suppliers' labour practices and environmental records, your business reputation can be affected. Take your ethical and environmental responsibilities into consideration when choosing your suppliers. Having a supplier with unethical practices can be detrimental to your company, should the public find out. From carbon footprint issues to human rights, there is a range of ethical tick boxes that your supplier should tick before choosing them.


With these characteristics, you can now check and evaluate different suppliers to cover your needs. Check out and decide whether it will be a good fit for you or not.


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